A Cuomo in New York’s Future ?

A Cuomo in New York’s Future? Pundits are wondering as the ex Governor ponders his next move. He is said to be considering challenging Kathy Hochul in the Democratic primary. He has been in touch with political allies to gauge support. Not all party leaders are lining up behind him. Jay Jacobs, head of the state Democratic party, has emailed “I think it would be a bad mistake.” Cuomo’s ego is so massive that a run can not be ruled out. His camp looks to recent polling that places him just a few points behind Hochul. Armed with a huge war chest he can not be counted out. It would be an unmitigated travesty for him to reinsert himself into the political arena. Facing certain impeachment, he resigned last August in disgrace after the Attorney General’s damning report. A Cuomo in New York’s Future ? We surely hope not for the good of all !!