A House Divided

A House Divided Can Not Stand. That is true of the contentious relationship between Governor Cuomo and New York City Mayor deBlasio. Historically there have been tensions between State and City. That has been aggravated by Cuomo’s heavy-handed one-man rule. The hapless deBlasio administration is fortunately winding down. The June Democractic primary will all but certainly decide the next Mayor. Candidates dread addressing how they propose to work with the all powerful Governor. King Andrew looks to maintain his iron fisted rule. He aims to check the power of the City executive and keep him in line. There is a field of weak aspirants who are likely to kowtow to Albany. The City has suffered for years from the weak and indecisive deBlasio. Expect more of the same from his successor. Numbed by the magnitude and abuse of Albany authority, New Yorkers say “Uncle” and look for relief.

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