Ahead For Now

Ahead for Now. A SurveyUSA poll shows Hochul outfront of Zeldin by a whopping 24 points. Whether she holds on to that margin is a matter for dispute. Other polls showing her leading by much smaller percentages. Indeed, much can happen in the next 11 weeks until Election Day. The race is likely to tighten as November approaches. A major problem area for Zeldin is Hochul’s commanding fund raising advantage. She has 10 times the amount in her treasury than her rival Zeldin. Patriots throughout the state will have to contribute to his war chest to even the field. Our very democracy is at stake. New York can not afford 4 more years of Cuomo – Hochul rule. Zeldin needs the advertising dollars to get his message to voters. This Blog firmly supports his campaign and platform. We need to rally to his assistance. Ahead for Now. Let’s come together to elect Zeldin and all he stands for !!