At What Price?

At What Price? Cuomo takes credit for New York’s lowest positivity rate in the nation. But at WHAT PRICE has this been achieved? The once in a century pandemic inflicted distress. However, the suffering was compounded many times over by the Governor’s handling of the crisis. NYC is a veritable ghost town. His authoritarian lockdowns created an URBAN WASTELAND. The shutdowns crippled businesses large and small. Thousands have closed permanently. Tourism is dead. Public transportation has been forsaken. The buses and subways carry but a fraction of their normal riders. Through it all King Andrew remains oblivious to the harm he has done. Prior to the revelations of his scandals, he plotted to use his response as a springboard to the White House. Now his political aspirations are in shambles, decimated by his own actions. At What Price? The positivity rate is down, but New York will never be the same. WE ARE LEFT TO PICK UP THE PIECES!