Bar Cuomo Portrait from Capitol

Bar Cuomo Portrait from Capitol. Assemblyman Doug Smith has introduced legislation that would disallow the painting of any Governor who does not finish his term except for death from the storied gallery. Smith is looking for bi-partisan support. He explained, “Andrew Cuomo’s picture could very well be hanging on the wall in the Hall Of Governors despite the fact that he resigned in disgrace and his predatory behavior toward women.” Reaction was understandably swift from the Cuomo camp. Bit Bull spokesman Rich Azzopardi retorted, “The focus should be on rebuilding New York’s post-pandemic economy and this cheap and cynical press ploy by a Republican backbencher illustrates exactly the climate and attitudes in Albany that forced a Governor out of office with lies, suppressed evidence and witness intimidation.” The war of words has spilled over into portrait controversy. The likeness of Eliot Spitzer, who resigned from office in disgrace over a sex scandal, is similarly missing from the Hall of Governors. Bar Cuomo Portrait from Capitol.  The controversies just go on and on !!