Beholden to Big Money

Beholden to Big Money. The New York Post reports that Cuomo receives major support from the real estate industry. Indeed, 20 percent of his fundraising over the past 6 months came from a handful of developers. Millionaires and Billionaires are pouring money into his re-election campaign. They obviously expect payback. Housing advocates decry the tax breaks and abatements they seek. The major players are clearly courting pay-to-play. This is especially onerous given the swirl of scandal and controversy surrounding the Governor. The taint of impropriety is evident. Cuomo is shameless that he curries favor with the rich and powerful. While purporting to be a progressive Democrat advocating for the masses, he actually is closest to the 1 Percent. Beholden to Big Money. King Andrew provides access to those who lavish contributions !!!!