Betraying His Roots

Betraying His Roots. Cuomo has turned his back on his traditional base of working class voters. Instead he panders to the elite with 10,000 dollar a person fundraisers. The Governor grew up amid Democratic machine politics. A native of Queens, his support derived from the coalition of blue collar workers and communities of color. These loyalists elected his father Mario for 2 terms and son Andrew for 3 terms. Now he is retreating from the longstanding alliance. His June fat cat fundraiser demonstrates his dependence upon the 1 percent. For years he resisted tax increases on the wealthy. His recent capitulation to progressives betrays his current political impotence. He caved into their demands for higher levies on the successful. New York’s maximum tax rate is now the highest in the nation. Betraying His Roots. Cuomo offers lip service to his base while cozying up to the elite.