Great White Way

Great White Way. Cuomo is promoting the Musical and Theatrical Tax Credit to revitalize the entertainment industry. Too bad his lockdowns decimated Broadway. The glittering lights were shut down for over a year. Irreparable harm was done to theatres and their employees. Actors, musicians, and stage hands were laid off by the thousands. Theatre owners were financially strangled with no revenue coming in for 18 months. The industry which is the soul of New York nearly folded. Now the Governor is pushing tax credits to undo the devastation he has caused. It is too little too late. Like the rest of the state economy Broadway was brought to its knees. The damage was unnecessary as the lockdowns were excessive and overkill. Great White Way. The resilience of live theatre will be a litmus test of post pandemic New York.

Cop Out

Cop Out. The Department of Justice will not investigate Cuomo’s handling of the nursing home scandal. In a letter to Representative Steve Scalise of the House Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis, the DOJ opted out. This is an outrage at the highest level of government. The Democratic Biden administration is clearly protecting one of its own. The politically motivated maneuver is designed to blunt investigation of Cuomo’s wrongdoing. What about the grieving families of the 15,000 innocent nursing home victims who died due to Cuomo’s mandates. Their blood cries out for JUSTICE. To compound the scandal, the Governor’s administration willfully obstructed justice by deliberately underreporting the actual number of helpless elderly who died. This was intended to preserve Cuomo’s false image of competence as he negotiated his obscene 5 Million Dollar book deal that lauded his “Leadership” during the pandemic. Cop Out. The President is evidently in bed with his Democratic crony.

Hiding Out

Hiding Out. Cuomo has been out of sight since last weekend’s grilling by Letitia James lawyers. What is he hiding from? The Governor gave no press conferences last week. He has not been seen, instead issuing a handful of press releases. He evidently feels that out of sight is out of mind. He hopes his problems will go away by lying low. Fat chance. The investigations are probing his wrongdoing. 3 inquiries are underway by the Attorney General, Assembly Judiciary Committee, and US Attorney. Their findings are likely to result in his removal from office. Yet he arrogantly continues to stonewall, erroneously believing it will all be swept under the carpet. His political support has dissolved with a majority of democratic legislators calling for his IMPEACHMENT. Hiding Out. Cuomo the COWARD is fearful of FACING THE MUSIC !!!!

Tweets Create Furor

Cuomo henchman Rick Azzopardi’s tweets are creating a Furor. Assembly Judiciary Chair Charles Lavine is taking him to task. Azzopardi wrote about Attorney General Letitia James who is conducting a probe into alleged wrongdoing. He cast aspersions on her, saying she may run for Governor. Lavine had warned that neither Cuomo or his aides could intimidate witnesses or anyone else involved with the ongoing investigations. Azzopardi, Cuomo’s pit bull,. is suggesting that James is not impartial and may have designs on the State House. This is yet another outrage coming from the Governor’s inner circle. The consequences may be severe, as Lavine is directing the Assembly’s own inquiry into Cuomo’s misdeeds. Tweets Create Furor. Team Cuomo is only making a bad situation WORSE !!

Major Donors Fleeing

Major Donors Fleeing. Deep pocketed contributors are turning their backs on the Cuomo re-election campaign. Businessmen and labor leaders are spurning the Governor’s heavy handed tactics. Long a fund raising powerhouse, Cuomo’s take is now a fraction of what it used to be. Prospective donors are turned off by his pressure techniques. Several report being strong armed by his henchmen. It was long a requisite to doing business with the state to donate to the war chest. Last month a 10,000 per person fundraiser was attended by the 1 percent. But not so key labor leaders. The head of the Transport Workers Union declined to contribute, repelled by the sexual harassment allegations and nursing home scandal. The proverbial handwriting is on the wall. Republican challenger Lee Zeldin outraised Cuomo in the latest quarter. Major Donors Fleeing. The exodus of fat cats is a sign of the times.

New Low

New Low. The Ethics Panel is probing whether Cuomo aide Larry Schwartz tied vaccine distribution to political support by county executives. This is a New Low even for the Governor and his Gang. The Joint Commission on Public EthicsĀ is reportedly calling county executives around the state to look into allegations that Schwartz contacted them to gauge their support for the Governor. Several felt intimidated, fearing that vaccines would be withheld for their counties. Schwartz formerly headed vaccine distribution for King Andrew. The outrageous conduct is further evidence of Cuomo’s abuse of office and power. That life saving shots would be withheld for political reasons defies imagination. Complicating the inquiry is that a majority of the Ethics Panel commissioners were appoint by Cuomo. The potential conflict of interest is evident. New Low. This sordid situation is reprehensible even for the Governor’s Gang of WRONGDOWERS !!!!

Token Gesture

Token Gesture. Cuomo to address gun violence by creating 201 jobs for at risk Brooklyn youth. Does he really think this will solve the problem ? The crisis of gun violence is due to his BAIL REFORMS. Hardened offenders are turned back on to the streets almost immediately. There is nothing to deter criminals from violence in the community. Crime is surging in urban areas. This coupled with ill conceived efforts to defund the police is causing a surge in violence in largely minority neighborhoods. How can the creation of a few hundred jobs possibly alleviate the crisis? The Governor must take decisive action by repealing Bail Reforms. He must wholeheartedly support law enforcement in their mission of protecting those at risk. Token Gesture. Andrew Cuomo needs to taken BOLD INITIATIVES and not minimal, perfunctory actions.

Hollow Words

Hollow Words. Cuomo decries anti-semitic incident, saying no one should be attacked for their religious beliefs. Too bad he doesn’t oppose attacks for political beliefs. For decades Andrew Cuomo has pushed back against those who oppose him. He bullied and intimidated perceived enemies. His strong armed tactics were reminiscent of street thugs. His heavy handed ways were without peril in modern politics. Now in the fight of his life, he verbally abuses his accusers and those investigating him. He is completely out of bounds. His behavior runs contrary to accepted norms. It has no place in the New York State House. Hollow words. Cuomo pontificates when it suits him. Alas actions speak louder than words !!!!

Sworn Testimony

Sworn Testimony, Cuomo answered inquiries under oath yesterday. No more stonewalling or lies. The TRUTH will come out. The sordid expose of Andrew Cuomo’s abuse of women and his office is ending. The lurid spectacle of his demise is coming full circle. The wounds were self-imposed by him. For months he attempted to deflect and cover up. The music has finally stopped. The investigators queried him about the sexual misconduct. He is powerless to refute the testimony of 11 credible accusers. He faces criminal counts of perjury if he lied about it. Boxed into a corner, his denials may land him in jail. He reportedly spent last week huddling with NYC lawyers before facing Letitia James lawyers. Sworn Testimony. The pendulum has swung back. JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED !!!!


Comeuppance. Cuomo will be grilled today by State investigators. The day of reckoning is here. He reportedly spent much of the week being prepped by New York City lawyers. He is expected to give sworn testimony in Albany. He will face questions from attorneys hired by Attorney General Letitia James. He will be subject to perjury charges should he lie. Events are playing out like a Greek tragedy. The Governor’s fall is of epic proportions. All the King’s horses and all the King’s men can not save him now. He either tells the truth or face the music. The investigations will be looking into allegations he sexually harassed 11 women. They will also probe his willful obstruction of justice by consciously underreporting thousands of nursing home fatalities. Our faith in the criminal justice is restored by the drama unfolding. Comeuppance. Andrew Cuomo is about to get his due !!!!