Hochul Apologizes to Families

Hochul Apologizes to Families. The Governor met privately with loved ones who perished from covid in nursing homes. She said they need to know that government listens and actually cares and gives a damn about them. This is a decided step in the right direction. After the arrogance of the Cuomo administration that resulted in thousands of fatalities, she is coming to grips with the aftermath. She has fired Howard Zucker, the infamous Health Commissioner on whose watch the tragedy occurred. This is part of her Albany House Cleaning. Gone are Cuomo cronies in high places. Hochul Apologizes to Families. We commend her for laying the groundwork for healing and renewal !!!!

Tell All Book

Tell All Book. Former Cuomo aide writes of his sexist behavior. Karen Hinton worked for him at HUD. Her volume “Penis Politics” details his disrespect for women. 40 years ago while in college his late father, Governor Mario Cuomo, chastised him for making off color remarks about women’s breasts. Too bad Andrew did not heed his father’s wise counsel. Instead he wantonly harassed women for years. His misconduct ultimately led to his fall from grace. In typical fashion, bull dog Rick Azzopardi dismissed Hinton’s writing as an attempt to sell books. How characteristic of the Cuomo team for failing to live up to their actions. Tell All Book. It tells reams about what the disgraced ex Governor is all about !!

DeRosa to Divorce Hubby

DeRosa to Divorce Hubby. Melissa DeRosa is calling it quits on her marriage. The former Secretary to Cuomo was his most powerful aide. She remained steadfast to the end, resigning only after release of Letitia James damning report. The ex Governor’s downfall took its toll. She said in a statement that the past two years have been emotionally and mentally trying. Her marriage is the latest victim of the Cuomo downfall. She initially tried to discredit his accusers only to yield to the inevitable and quit. DeRosa was reportedly universally disliked in Albany. Cuomo himself called her a mean girl. DeRosa to Divorce Hubby. The trail of devastation continues to mar King Andrew’s legacy.

Evidence of Groping Date

Evidence of Groping Date. The Assembly Judiciary Committee has obtained records establishing when former Cuomo aide Brittany Commisso was with him at the Executive Mansion. Text messages corroborate that she visited him in December of last year. She alleges he fondled her during their meeting. The lurid details are coming out. Commisso’s accusation is the most serious harassment charge against him. She has filed a complaint with the Albany County Sheriff. The Albany District Attorney is also investigating. Commisso is one of 11 women who has accused him of misconduct. If proven, the former Governor may face criminal charges. Evidence of Groping Date. The walls are caving in as the WHEELS of JUSTICE turn !!

Chris Loses Female Following

Chris Loses Female Following. Fox News reports the former Governor’s brother has shed major viewership. A staggering 70 percent of women viewers have fled Cuomo Prime Time. The decline was documented from January through October. Chris is to blame for his sagging ratings. Revelations that he advised Big Brother Andrew on fighting sexual harassment charges damaged his following. CNN never disciplined him for this ethical breach. More recently he has been accused of harassment himself. Shelley Ross, his former boss at ABC News, revealed he groped her at a staff party in front of her husband. Chris like Andrew took liberties with women. They thought they could get away with it without recrimination, Chris Loses Female Following. Enlightened viewers are walking with their feet and tuning him out !!

Accountability on Campaign Cash

Accountability on Campaign Cash. That is what watchdog groups are looking for. Cuomo has upwards of 18 Million Dollars left in his campaign coffers. He is reportedly using the funds to pay staff and legal bills. It was raised during his tenure in office. Expenditures for attorneys are especially suspect. The Board of Elections needs to provide guidance whether such disbursements are lawful. There was precedent under former Governor Eliot Spitzer. He contributed his remaining campaign funds to charity after resigning in disgrace. Cuomo should do the same. He should not use a multi million dollar war chest to finance a political comeback. Accountability on Campaign Cash. Deprive the ex Governor of the big money needed to seek re-election, especially here in New York !!

Hochul Frontrunner in Primary Race

Hochul Frontrunner in Primary Race. That is the finding of a Marist poll released today. In a 4 way contest, Hochul would prevail at 36%, compared to 24% for Letitia James, 24% for Jumane James, and 9% for Cuomo. The smarting revelation is that 77% of New York voters do not want Cuomo to run again. That is unexpectedly bad news for the former Governor. He is clearly testing the waters for a political comeback. Having tasted of power for a decade, it is hard for him to relinquish control. With an 18 Million Dollar war chest, he has the financial means to mount a re-election bid. Hochul is seen as doing an adequate job. 49% of voters view her favorably. Frontrunner in Primary Race. At least for now she is embraced by New Yorkers who repudiate Andrew Cuomo.

Glavin: Legislators Face Harassment Charges

Glavin: Legislators Face Harassment Charges. That is the prediction of Cuomo’s personal attorney. She maintains that members of the Assembly and Senate could be liable for similar accusations. The standards to which the former Governor was subjected could also apply to others. Glavin has emerged as Cuomo’s pit bull. She is seeking to discredit the forthcoming Assembly report on her client. She wants to avoid potential impeachment proceedings that would bar him from ever again holding state office. That would thwart his political comeback. Indications are that he is preparing to run for Governor again next year. Stranger things have happened. Glavin: Legislators Face Harassment Charges. Expect more vitriol as she defends Cuomo and keeps his options open !!

Cash Pours In

Cash Pours In. The Cuomo campaign is still accepting donations. This is a travesty that must be addressed. He reportedly has over 18 million in his slush fund. His website still contains a link to contribute. Rumors are rampant that he is planning a run next year for Governor. His war chest far outdistances those of his potential rivals. Over 18 Million Dollars remains in his coffers. His overblown Ego stokes the fires. Having wielded power for a decade, he finds it hard to sit on the sidelines. His carefully orchestrated program of Image Rebuilding is well underway. Avoiding further controversy, he is photographed fishing with his loyal dog Captain. At the time of his resignation this Blog predicted he would not go quietly. Cash Pours In. That says eons about his future intentions !!

Glavin Attacks Accusations

Glavin Attacks Accusations. Cuomo’s lawyer Rita Glavin casts aspersions on the legal charges of sexual harassment. In a letter she declared the allegations do not meet the standards of sexual harassment set forth in law. This is more of the same from the former Governor’s inner circle. They seek to discredit the claims brought against him. It is a disheartening effort to fight back and deflect. The Cuomo team is desperate to avoid formal impeachment proceedings. That would bar him for life from ever again holding state office. All indications are that he is mulling a political comeback. He appears to be testing the waters for a possible run for Governor in 2022. Glavin Attacks Accusations. It is part of a well orchestrated strategy to return to turn the tables in Cuomo’s favor !!