Helping Puerto Rico

Helping Puerto Rico. Cuomo was out in force yesterday assisting the relief effort. He loaded a truck filled with supplies for the hurricane devastated island. He also contributed towards the purchase of a van. The disgraced ex Governor sounded like a comback pol. He said that Puerto Rico is like family to New York. He rubbed elbows with controversial activist Reuben Diaz. Cuomo is clearly plotting his second act. This week he announced formation of a political action committee and podcast. When asked what his intentions were, spokesman Rick Azzopardi replied that anything can happen in the future. Helping Puerto Rico. Cuomo is looking to shore up support in the Hispanic community !!

Ethical Breaches

Ethical Breaches. Hochul has numerous violations during her short time in office. Most glaring are her pay to play schemes. She has awarded lucrative contracts to large donors. Her administration bought hundreds of Millions of dollars of COVID test kits at inflated prices from Digital Gadgets. Its owners are major contributors to her campaign. The Bills stadium deal also reeks of conflict of interest. Her husband is general counsel to the concessionaire that services the arena. Also recall the Brian Benjamin scandal in which she appointed a man known to be under criminal investigation as her second in command. All in all it is a sorry record. Ethical Breaches. Any one of them should be enough to deny her re-election as Governor !!

Support from Law Enforcement

Support from Law Enforcement. Lee Zeldin now has the backing of 25 benevolent associations. This week he picked up the endorsement of the NYPD Sergeant’s Union. The men and women in blue support his tough on crime platform and opposition to bail reforms. Decades of one Party Democratic rule have made New York unsafe. Crime is rampant. Lenient judges and DAs such as Alvin Bragg turn violent repeat offenders back on the streets almost immediately. Zeldin vows to stop this and fire Bragg on his first day in office. The choice is clear. Support from Law Enforcement. Defeat Hochul and elect Zeldin to restore law and order in New York !!

Plotting Comeback

Plotting Comeback. Andrew Cuomo has announced the launch of a new Political Action Committee. The PAC will be dedicated to electing the right people. He is also linagurating a podcast in which he speaks out on the issues of the day. This is all part of his effort to re-enter the public arena. Having been in political exile since resigning last year, he is plotting a revival. He remains remorseless, vilifying everyone under the sun except himself. He promises the unvarnished truth. Unfortunately his version is one that holds himself blameless. Where this leads is anyone’s guess. He is a pathetic figure vying for attention. Time has passed and New Yorkers have Moved on. Plotting Comeback. The irony is that virtually no one any longer cares !!

Out Ahead

Out Ahead. A Siena College poll released this morning shows Hochul leading Zeldin by 17 points. The margin is 54 to 37 percent. Hochul has a commanding 70 percent lead in New York City. She leads him by 5 percent in the New York suburbs. They are essentially tied upstate. Zeldin is out front among independents. Much work remains for him to close the gap. Republicans are out registered by Democrats 2 to 1. They have not won a statewide election since 2002. Years of one party rule have decimated New York. People are fleeing the state by droves. The economy is in shambles caused by excessive tax and spend policies. Crime is rampant. A change in administration is direly needed to reverse the decay. Out Ahead. Freedom Fighters must unite to pull off an upset !!

All Day Long

All Day Long. Chris Cuomo admits that his interviews of brother Andrew were a conflict of interest All Day Long. And indeed they were. The back and forth banter went on in the early days of the pandemic. Their give and take captured a wide television audience. Viewers tuned in for reassurance in those dark days. Both of them thought they were on top of the world. Then came Letitia James damning report that led to the Governor’s resignation. Months later Chris was unceremoniously fired for advising Big Bro on how to fight the sexual harassment allegations. They fell hard and fast. All Day Long. The conflict of interest that Chris now admits to brought him down !!

Weeks to Go

Weeks to Go. The November election draws closer with the race tightening. Polls show Zeldin trailing Hochul by just a few points. The push is on to close the gap. Hochul tellingly has agreed to just one debate on cable television. Zeldin rejects this, calling for multiple debates that would allow voters to see the candidates in an unscripted format. The Governor is fearful, preferring to stick with her rose garden strategy. It would expose her extreme far left positions on taxation, spending and bail reforms. She has reason to be afraid, with evidence of her corruption and pay to play schemes coming to light. Weeks to Go. Time is running out before the historic election which will chart New York’s future !!

Tapper Takes Over

Tapper Takes Over. Jake Tapper is moving into Chris Cuomo’s former spot at CNN. The veteran journalist will broadcast in the coveted 9 p.m time slot. Cuomo had anchored the prime program until being fired by the network for aiding brother Andrew. He counseled the disgraced former Governor on how to fight the sexual harassment allegations. He has filed an astonishing 125 Million suit seeking damages against the network. After keeping a low profile for 7 months, Chris emerged this summer by posting photos of himself from the Ukrainian front lines. He has also launched a podcast. He is set to debut next month with a new program on upstart cable channel NewsNation. He is re-entering the public arena incrementally. Tapper Takes Over. Both journalists are vying for a prime time audience as Chris looks to rehabilitate his image !!

Running Scared

Running Scared. That is the word from the state Conservative Party Chairman over Hochul’s refusal to debate Zeldin more than once. She proposes one debate forum on Soectrun 1 two weeks before the election. That is an outrage to voters. Most New Yorkers do not have access to the cable channel. It flies in the face of Zeldin’s insistence upon multiple debates. Hochul clearly does not want unscripted exchanges where she would be forced to defend her tax and spend and soft on crime policies. She is afraid of losing support in a tight race. Running Scared. The Governor needs to come clean and be pressed repeatedly on her far left liberal agenda !!

Politically Motivated

Politically Motivated. That is the charge against Letitia James. The Attorney General is looking to make a name for herself in an election year. Her attacks on Trump and Cuomo attempt to further her own career. The Brooklyn Democrat is running for re-election against Republican lawyer Michael Henry. It is a comeback bid after her recent humiliation. She ran briefly for Governor but was forced to withdraw after bombing with her fundraising. Her damning report on Cuomo was seen as an effort to knock him out of the race. He resigned shortly thereafter. Now she is pursuing President Trump just weeks before the election. She has filed a civil suit alleging wrongdoing by him, his children and company. He says he has never heard of her. Politically Motivated. James is a hapless pol seeking publicity with high profile cases !!