Book Assistance Was Involuntary

The book assistance was Involuntary. The Albany Times Union reports that staffers work on the Governor’s book was not optional. This is an outrageous violation of state law that staff can not be used for personal profit and gain. The bombshell revelation adds to the ever-growing litany of abuses. When will enough finally be enough? Andrew Cuomo has violated every aspect of office holding. He has criminally obstructed justice in the nursing home scandal. He has illicitly sexually harassed credible women. And now he has used employees on the state payroll for personal financial enrichment. BE GONE, KING CUOMO! Your reign of terror on New Yorkers MUST END NOW. The investigations of your wrongdoing must be wrapped up. Then the Legislature must proceed to impeachment. Your intimidation and bully tactics will no longer work. YOU ARE ON YOUR WAY OUT. And not a moment too soon for those you have injured.

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