Bulging Coffers

Bulging Coffers. The New York Times reports that Cuomo has 16 Million Dollars in his campaign war chest. That is down from the 18 Million he had on hand when he left office in August. During the most recent reporting period he took in 200 Thousand in donations and spent 2 Million. Much of that went to pay legal bills. His personal lawyer Rita Glavin was paid 900 Thousand. 42 Thousand was expended to Bulldog Strategies, the public relations firm of long time spokesman Rich Azzopardi. While his financial reserves are sizable, they lag the fundraising of Kathy Hochul. In the 5 months since becoming Governor she has raised 21 Million. Bulging Coffers. Both Cuomo and Hochul have the means to do battle in the high priced world of New York Politics !!