Caving In

Caving In. Cuomo backtracks and withdraws plans to erect Memorial in Rockefeller Park. He had proposed to build Monument in Battery Park City. It was to honor Essential Workers who sacrificed during the pandemic. The design called for a circle of 19 trees with concrete walkways and an eternal flame. The plan had been rammed through by the Governor without consulting the community. Residents objected to losing important green space for recreation. There had been no public hearings or input. The committee consisted solely of union leaders. Cuomo finally relented and is looking for another location. The debacle is further evidence of his heavy handed tactics. Might Makes Right in his mind. The Public Be Damned ! He is clearly losing his grip on power. People are finally standing up to him. He is MORTALLY WEAKENED by the multiple scandals and specter of impeachment. Caving In. King Andrew is a HOLLOW SHELL of HIS FORMER SELF !!!!