Cheech and Chong

It is the Cheech and Chong Show. Andrew and Chris Cuomo are fighting back. Brother Chris has emerged as the first line of defense for the embattled Governor. Empowered to deflect criticism from the nursing home scandal, Chris and CNN are attacking Senator Ted Cruz. The Texas Republican is vilified for leaving his dog behind while vacating in Cancun. The outrage of it all! Nowhere does Chris own up to the 13,000 nursing home deaths occasioned by his brother’s executive order.s. Enough is finally enough with the Brothers Cuomo. Both have profited for years off their family name. They are scheming opportunists with no regard for anything other than their own career advancement. With looming impeachment action, they are oblivious to the trouble they have created. They are an outrage to common decency. Hoping that King Andrew will shortly be dethroned and Brother Chris loses his bully pulpit, we join together to say “BE GONE”.

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