Chris Seeking Mega Bucks

Chris Seeking Mega Bucks. The New York Post reports Chris Cuomo is looking for 60 Million from CNN. He claims wrongful treatment by the network. He is telling people he wants Megyn Kelly money. He is referring to the 61 Million she received when NBC fired her. Chris wants compensation not only for the 18 Million left on his contract but also for the remaining years of his career. Like brother Andrew, he is portraying himself as victim. He is also consumed by his inflated valuation of himself. Chris was a journalist of limited talent and ability. He rode to fame and fortune by piggybacking off his father and brother, both Governors of New York. He was given the boot after revelations he aided Andrew in plotting defense amid the sexual harassment scandals. He broke every ethical industry norm. Chris Seeking Mega Bucks. Dream on as you pursue your baseless claims !!