Closing The Gap

Closing The Gap. Cuomo is on the heels of Hochul in a recent poll by Emerson College/The Hill. The survey found that 37 percent of voters favor Hochul in the Democratic Primary. Cuomo was close behind at 33 percent. The numbers are remarkable considering that the ex Governor resigned in disgrace last summer. Since then he has sought to rehabilitate his public image. His commercial claims vindication following the decision by 5 District Attorneys not to prosecute him. He has made public appearances with Mayor Adams and Steve Christie. His recent address to a church in Brooklyn repeated his theme of victimization by cancel culture. The poll reveals that a majority of Blacks support him. Hochul leads among Whites and Hispanics. The time is fast approaching for Cuomo to file petitions to get on the ballot. Closing The Gap. We will be tracking the public mood on this Evolving Story !!