Counting the Votes

Counting the Votes. The tabulation of results is underway. Votes are being tallied in yesterday’s NYC Mayoral Primary. Law and Order candidate Eric Adams has opened a commanding lead. With almost all precincts reporting, he has won 30 percent of the votes. He is 10 percentage points ahead of the nearest challenger. The final results will not be known for some time due to absentee ballots and ranked voting. THIS IS A VICTORY FOR ALL NEW YORKERS. THE DEMOCRATIC PROCESS WORKS. Adams is a retired NYPD Captain. He campaigned on a platform of fighting lawlessness and disorder. His apparent triumph at the polls should send a warning to Andrew Cuomo. New Yorkers will NOT TOLERATE the surge in serious crime due to his bail reforms. Try as he might to subvert democracy, the ELECTORAL PROCESS WORKS. Next year the voters will reject his one-man rule and turn him out of office. Counting the Votes. Let the tallying continue. The Governor’s days as Tyrant-in-Chief are numbered !!