Cuomo Begs DeRosa

Andrew Cuomo begged top aide Melissa DeRosa. The New York Post reports he begged her to stay on after the nursing home scandal broke. Queens Assemblyman Ron Kim claims she wanted to resign after her gaffe confirming the number of fatalities was dramatically understated. While DeRosa was enticed to stay, there has been a mass exodus of other staffers. No one wants their career ruined by staying aboard a sinking ship. The Governor is increasingly isolated, deserted by long time allies. He evidently could not bear losing Melissa. The whole tawdry mess undermines his ability to govern. As this blog has repeatedly stressed, the time is now for him to do the decent thing and resign. This will spare the State a lengthy impeachment process. Ms. DeRosa has seriously miscalculated by staying on. She may well be subject to criminal prosecution for obstruction of justice. She is no Loretta Lynn, standing by her man. We hope she will recognize her strategic error and jump ship while there is still time.

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