Cuomo Challengers Running for Office

Cuomo Challengers Running for Office. His 3 former opponents for Governor are in campaigns this year. While he is sitting out the election, those who were past competitors have thrown their hats into the ring. Rob Astorino is again seeking the Republican nod for Governor. Mark Molinaro and Carl Paladino are running for Congress in upstate districts. They are mounting spirited campaigns for elected office. What role Cuomo will play remains unclear. He failed to file petitions by May 31st to run as an independent. He still has a vast Multi Million dollar war chest. He may weigh in with endorsements. Relations are chilly with his successor, Kathy Hochul. He has given no indication whether he will back her. His oversized Ego makes it unlikely he will fade into the recesses. Cuomo Challengers Running for Office. New Yorkers surely have not heard the last from this career politician !!