Cuomo Mum on Subpoenas

Governor Cuomo is Mum on Subpoenas. He deflects inquires on whether any have been issued to him or his staff. That is hard to accept, given the growing inquiry into his wrongdoing. Once again he fails to come clean with the public. Movements are underway in the Legislature to censure and strip him of his emergency powers. That is long overdue. The FBI and Department of Justice are looking into claims of obstruction of justice over his deliberate understating of nursing home deaths. Impeachment and removal from office will be the final steps. Never again can an elected official cause such suffering and misery and then attempt to cover it up. Cuomo has abused his office without regard to consequences. The public and most importantly families of those who perished demand accountability. The mills of the gods grind slowly but exceedingly fine. Justice will be served.

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