Cuomo: No Comment

Andrew Cuomo’s latest stall tactic: No Comment. In a telephone dialogue with reporters he refused any further public comment until the lawyers review is complete. The outrage of his arrogance! New Yorkers deserve full transparency and accountability for his misdeeds. He is stonewalling hoping the problem goes away. Dream On, Governor. In his desperate attempt to hold on to power, he is trying to sweep the scandal under the rug. Already 2 law firms are investigating. In addition to the review authorized by Attorney General Letitia James, Assembly Speaker Car Heastie has selected white glove firm Davis Polk to lead the impeachment inquiry. Come clean with us, King Cuomo. Your time honored intimation tactics will no longer work. If you have nothing to hide then speak out. 7 credible female accusers have gone public. The blood of 15,000 nursing home victims is on your hands. Wake up and smell the roses. Your reign of tyranny is over. Even the President of the United States has said that you probably will be prosecuted. Be a man and accept responsibility for what you have done.

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