Cuomo Speaks Out

Cuomo Speaks Out. In an op-ed article in yesterdays Daily New, he railed against Hochul’s “incompetence” and “back door deals”. He particularly took issue with the 850 million state appropriation for the Bills Stadium. He wrote, “The Albany culture now is ‘see no evil’ and ‘go along to get along’ … government is back to parochial politics, fundraising and incompetence.” He also decried the Brian Benjamin fiasco and the failed vetting process. The ex Governor moreover predicted that Democrats will suffer major losses in the upcoming mid term elections due to their “egregious disdain of laws”. It is hard to reconcile Cuomo’s words with his own actions. His scandals and partisan politics shook New York to the core. That he now plays the role of elder statesman and commentator is difficult to fathom. Cuomo Speaks Out. He is well advised to remain on the sidelines and refrain from public commentary !!