Cuomo The Don

Cuomo the Don. The New York Post reports that the Governor once compared himself to Sonny Corleone. The Godfather character was an evil tyrant. He lorded over people. King Andrew said “In their minds, I’m Sonny Corleone and I’m capable of anything.” This is an affront to New York’s sizable Italian-American community. It reveals Don Cuomo’s fixation on power and intimidation. His thoughts appear to wander into a make-believe fantasy world. Too bad the voters did not know this before electing him 3 times. The outrage continued last year when he indicated to eminent Dr. Anthony Fauci that they are like DeNiro and Pacino, stars of Godfather II. That he disrespects his own nationality tells volumes about his self preoccupation. How many more instances of abuse need to be revealed before we can be rid of him. Like his fictional hero Sonny Corleone, the days of Don Cuomo are numbered.

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