Cuomo Toots His Own Horn

Cuomo Toots His Own Horn. And we don’t mean his vintage Mustang. In the midst of crisis and adversity, he continues to brag about his imagined accomplishments. He heaps praise upon himself. The epitome of his boastfulness was the self-laudatory volume on his “Leadership”. Saints preserve us!! The Governor has bungled management of the covid crisis. His lockdowns wrecked havoc with the State economy. Millions lost their jobs. Countless businesses have been crippled. Thousands of once viable companies have closed permanently. Through it all he offends and affronts. As Lee Zeldin said, he bullies, harasses, and intimidates. This unseemly state of affairs will end with an emphatic THUD. He has alienated a majority of his own Democratic constituents. They will vote to REMOVE HIM FROM OFFICE. Cuomo Toots His Own Horn. A PITY he never learned some HUMILITY.