Cuomo Urges Bipartisanship in Passing Infrastructure Spending

Cuomo urges Bipartisanship in passing Infrastructure Spending. How ironic. He routinely rams through legislation in New York under ONE PART RULE !! His time honored tactic is to muscle his way to get bills passed. He now offers hollow words about Bipartisanship. His party has a strangle hold on the Assembly and Senate. Until scandals engulfed the administration, he bullied and intimidated to get his way. This will no longer work. The crises enveloping him have rendered him politically impotent. He now kowtows to the Legislators who will sit in judgment on his IMPEACHMENT. The results are the disastrous new budget and tax increases. The levy in New York is the highest in the nation. Businesses and wealthy residents who pay the bulk of the state revenues are fleeing in droves. He is powerless to stem the tide. Cuomo talks about Bipartisanship. FAT CHANCE. One party rule has become the modus operandi in Albany.