Cuomo’s Defense to Cost Taxpayers 2.5 Million

Cuomo’s Defense will Cost Taxpayers up to 2.5 Million. That is the maximum amount in the agreement to defend him in the Nursing Home Scandal. The state has contacted with the New York law firm of Morvillo, Abramowitz, Grand, Iason & Anello. The billing rate will approach 1,000 per hour for the senior partner. This is an OUTRAGE!!!! Millions of dollars will flow to defense counsel for the Governor at public expense. It just gets worse and worse. The federal probe is investigating criminal liability in the deaths of thousands of elderly patients and the attempted coverup. This is tantamount to manslaughter and obstruction of justice. When will enough finally be enough? Andrew Cuomo is GUILTY AS SIN. He should pay for his own defense from his personal resources. What about the 5 Million he is making off his infamous book deal? Instead New York taxpayers will be footing the bill. Talk about adding INSULT TO INJURY !!!!