Cuomo’s Demands

Cuomo’s Demands are growing at an alarming rate. He is no longer content to arbitrarily impose his will on New York. Now he is taking on the Federal Goverment. King Andrew is threatening to sue Washington unless he gets a bailout. Such demands imperil the State’s relationship with the new Biden administration. It is not the Governor’s place to challenge federal authority. The current budget deficit is of Cuomo’s own creation. In his decade in office he has swelled the budget through imprudent spending. The cost of payroll and benefits has skyrocketed. He has proposed a tax rate on the wealthy that would be the highest in the nation. People are fleeing the Empire State in record numbers. He needs to stop threatening and start cutting the budget. The cost of government on his watch is out of wack.

2 thoughts on “Cuomo’s Demands

  1. angela walker

    NY was in debt PRIOR to COVID-19 shutdowns. He killed off 1000’s of NY’rs by ordering nursing homes to admit COVID-19 ++ patients but only after removing his own mother from them. The ONLY logical conclusion, is that he wanted to decrease the # of non-tax paying dependents in NY and once he heard that there may be bail out money and higher $$$ paid to each state for EVERY COVID-19 +++ death… well the goal was set then. A way to decrease state dependents and earn good money at the same time. HERO right? But sometimes your well laid out plan doesn’t work!!! He is such a cry baby and wimp Surprised he hasn’t broken his arm trying to pat his own back or got head stuck in elevator doors from his head swelling

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