Cut Your Cloth Accordingly

Governor Cuomo must Cut His Cloth Accordingly. His own budget division projects that employment in New York will not reach pre-pandemic levels until 2025. That bleak reality portends 5 years of financial pain. Accordingly he must cut the bloated State budget to reflect the New Normal. No longer can he afford to let payroll and benefit costs run rampant. Instead of responsibly cutting back, he proposes hefty tax increases on the affluent. That will further drive successful people and corporations to relocate elsewhere. He also indulges in wishful thinking that the federal government bail out his treasury. He has threatened baseless litigation to force the Feds for a handout. King Andrew has been in office for over 10 years. He has presided over the largest loss of population in the union. It is time for him to face the music and rein in spending. Otherwise the decay will only continue.

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