DeSantis Stumps for Zeldin

DeSantis Stumps for Zeldin. The Florida Governor appeared at a Long Island rally for Lee. He proclaimed himself a law and order Governor in a law and order state. Runaway crime is the foremost concern of New Yorkers. After 2 decades of Democratic rule criminals are coddled. Cashless bail reforms and lenient DAs are their legacy. Zeldin offers the hope for turning the corner on crime. DeSantis spoke of the influx of disenchanted New Yorkers to his state. He is widely expected to be on the GOP presidential ticket in 2024. Zeldin is also planning a rally with Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin of Virginia. Together they represent the promise for a safer, saner future. DeSantis Stumps for Zeldin. National pols are rallying to make him our next Governor and defeat Hochul !!