Dirt Begets Dirt

Dirt Begets Dirt. That is the mantra of the Andrew Cuomo doormat. An enterprising company https://www.etsy.com/listing/850890137/wipe-your-feet-here-cuomo-doormat is selling “Wipe Your Feet Here” mats with Governor Cuomo’s likeness. It captures the frustration and outrage of New Yorkers. King Cuomo treats his citizens and staff like Dirt. So it is only fair that we wipe our shoes on his image. The Editors are attaching a video clip to today’s blog. Overwhelmed by the Governor’s crimes, the Senior Editor is retreating for R & R to Miami. He will continue to make daily postings. He yearns to breathe freely, far from the tangled web of lies and deceptions. He will return refreshed and renewed to continue the campaign. We call upon our Loyal Readers to purchase their own doormat. Dirt Begets Dirt. Let the cleansing begin.

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