Disrespect Continues

Andrew Cuomo’s disrespect of women continues. The most recent infraction was his flippant and disrespectful response to a female heckler. He defiantly called out, “I’m not going anywhere, darling.” The audacity of it all! He not only affronts women but also arrogantly refuses to exit. King Andrew arguably lives in a Fool’s Paradise. His political support has evaporated. The Legislature wants him gone. Democrats and Republicans alike are clamoring for his impeachment. Official investigations of his misconduct are underway. He not only faces sexual harassment allegations but also potential criminal prosecution for deliberately underreporting nursing home deaths. This is tantamount to obstruction of justice. The most serious misconduct charge, that he groped and fondled a female aide, similarly could lead to criminal prosecution. New Yorkers unite in exclaiming ENOUGH! The time is now to move on from this despicable urchin. Clear the air and be rid of him once and for all.

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