Don’t Cry for Me Argentina

Don’t Cry for Me Argentina. That is the refrain Andrew Cuomo is singing these days. Democratic Assemblyman Ron Kim reports that his wife cried for 2 hours after the Governor called their home and threatened him. Kim said the rebuke was abusive and made in front of his family. King Cuomo is overstepping his bounds. His behavior is outrageous as he lashes out at his perceived adversaries. Kim is the chairman of the Assembly committee on aging. He seeks accountability and truth for the 15,000 families whose loved ones perished in nursing homes due to Cuomo’s executive orders. His own elderly uncle died as well. Kim has hired a lawyer. He is among the growing number of legislators calling for the Governor’s removal from office. We trust that the wheels of justice are turning. Like Evita Peron, Andrew Cuomo’s days as a despotic tyrant are numbered.

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