Dysfunctional Family

Dysfunctional Family. That is the apt description of the Brothers Cuomo. Both Andrew and Chris march to their own drummer. They flaunt established norms and play by their own rules. That is the epitome of Dysfunction. They are power hungry wannabes who are a disgrace to their father Mario’s legacy. Both have enormous egos and overestimate their skills and abilities. They are at heart street thugs with only the thinnest veneer of decency. Andrew has made a mockery of the governorship, bullying, intimidating, and breaking all the rules. He stands accused of crimes that are criminal infractions. Chris has violated the basic tenets of journalism to keep his brother in office. The revelation that he advised Andrew and his aides on the sexual harassment scandal should be grounds for his dismissal by CNN. Instead he continues to draw his multimillion dollar annual salary for spewing jibberish. They are truly a Dysfunctional Family, a disgrace to their parents and Old World Heritage.