Elon Musk Wants No Part of New York State

Elon Musk wants no part of New York State. The fabled entrepreneur, the second wealthiest person in the country, flees toxic states for business friendly environments. Creative businessmen like Musk want no part of highly taxed and regulated states. King Cuomo has made New York an inhospitable home to business. After 12 years in office the Empire State now has the highest effective tax rate for corporations and successful individuals. He has fostered an atmosphere of corruption and dysfunction. The forward looking Musk recently relocated to Texas from the similarly toxic state of California. He is launching new business ventures and even planning to construct his own new city, Starbase. Unfortunately it is too late to replicate such success in New York. The Editors are so fed up that we are contemplating relocating to Florida. We join the legions of New Yorkers moving elsewhere. May the last one to leave turn out the lights.

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