Ethics Case in Doubt

Ethics Case in Doubt. The Joint Committee on Policy and Ethics is deferring the case against Cuomo until until September 15th. By then the JCOPE will no longer be in existence. It will be replaced by the Committee on Ethics and Lobbying. At issue is the effort to claw back the former Governor’s 5 Million book advance. His memoir was allegedly written, edited and promoted by state employees. This would be a clear breach of the code of ethics. Cuomo’s lawyer Rita Glavin withdrew her motion to dismiss the case. That was because he would have been required to withdraw without prejudice. It would prevent him from refiling his claim under the new Committee. The whole thing reeks of partisan politics. The premise of the memoir was unprincipled to the core. The disgraced pol sought to profit personally from the suffering New Yorkers endured in the early days of covid. Ethics Case in Doubt. It will be a travesty if Cuomo prevails and gets to keep the blood money !!