Ethics Violations

Andrew Cuomo is guilty of Ethics Violations. Among all the charges swirling against him, he appears to have violated Ethics protocols. When he first proposed to write his self-laudatory book on handling the covid crisis, he sought guidance from Martin Levine, a lawyer for the Joint Commission on Public Ethics. Levine issued an opinion that he could not use state resources or personnel to write the book or advertise it at state events, It is evident that the Governor violated the guidelines. This can lead to a fine and forfeiture of all proceeds from the tome. King Cuomo reportedly received a 4 million advance from the publisher. How many more infractions have to become public before there is a collective exclamation of ENOUGH! He has flouted laws, guidelines, and basic standards of decency. All are impeachable offenses. Still he refuses to resign, remaining defiant to the end. Never in the annals of the Empire State has there been such overt abuses of power. We call upon the Legislature to remove him from office. Cuomo needs to smell the roses and quit. Otherwise he likely will face criminal prosecution.

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