Falling Fast

Andrew Cuomo is Falling Fast. The backlash against him is devouring his administration. After years of authoritarian and brutish behavior, his days are clearly numbered. The unraveling is of epic proportions. Until recently he ruled with an iron fist. Now his support has evaporated. Politicians throughout the country are calling for his resignation or removal from office. Democrats in New York are spurning him and taking back control. Hats off to Attorney General Letitia James for getting the ball rolling with her damning report on the under reporting of nursing home deaths. This was followed by no less than 7 courageous women who have come forward alleging sexual harassment. Cuomo is like mythic English King Canute who beat the waves, commanding them to recede. He adamantly refuses to exit. The proverbial handwriting is on the wall. The Legislature must quickly move to impeach him. Then they can return to governing amid the crises caused by covid and the economic downturn.

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