Fear of the Feds

The Cuomo administration is paralyzed with Fear of the Feds. The New York Post reports that the Governor’s Secretary, Melissa DeRosa, admitted to Democratic Legislators that there was stonewalling of the actual number of nursing home covid deaths., King Cuomo was afraid that President Donald Trump would direct a Department of Justice investigation. At last the truth is out. The unconscionable and illegal abuse of power must immediately be prosecuted. This represents a low point in the litany of crimes coming from Albany. The blood of 13,000 elderly and vulnerable dead New Yorkers cries out for justice. Hats off to Attorney General Letitia James for her courageous report last month against fellow Democrat Andrew Cuomo. She found that nursing home deaths had been underreported by 50 percent. She unearthed the criminal coverup. We call upon the DOJ to do the right thing and pursue the wrong doers. Then the spirits of the departed can then finally rest. There will be accountability and closure.

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