First Anniversary

First Anniversary. It was one year ago this week that Hochul took the oath of office as Governor. And what a year it has been for her ! She took over in the aftermath of the crushing Cuomo scandals. The previously unknown Upstater was thrust into the reigns of power. After an initial 5 month honeymoon, her mettle was tested when the Legislature convened in January. She proved surprisingly savvy in dealing with Albany power brokers. Her revised budget of 220 Billion, the largest in state history, passed and was signed into law. It contained the 600 Million allocation for a new Bills stadium in her native Western New York. She has been a prodigious fundraiser, raking in 36 Million. She is said to be looking to raise 70 Million by election day. All in all the former Hamburg Town Board member has made her bones. First Anniversary. Hold your seatbelts to see whether there will be an encore next Year !!