First Come, First Served

First Come, First Served. That is the mantra of Andrew Cuomo. He receives the highest governor’s salary in the history of the country. He is far and away the most heavily compensated chief executive of any state. His salary is appalling in the midst of the economic suffering he has caused. While thousands of small businesses close and even more languish, he is given the royal treatment. King Cuomo cares nothing for those he has harmed. That is evident in his arbitrary lockdowns and authoritarian mandates. Meanwhile he is flown around New York in a state helicopter and airplane. Unsatisfied with his income, he capitalized on the pandemic crisis by writing a self laudatory memoir. The publishers advance reportedly ran into 7 figures. He serves himself first with disdain for his citizens. Away with his Imperial Administration! The time is now to impeach and remove him from office. May the rule of democracy and liberty be restored to the Empire State.

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