Florida Open For Business

Florida is Open for Business. Indeed, Business is Booming in the Sunshine State. Small restaurants and bars are thriving while New York is locked down. Such a contrast! King Andrew’s restrictions have crippled the New York economy. Thousands of small businesses have closed for good. Many more are just limping along. It was all so unnecessary. Florida actually has a lower covid infection rate than New York. It has a government that works and is responsive to its citizens. It fosters a conducive economic environment, New York is paralyzed by the death throes of its corrupt Governor. It allowed an authoritarian tyrant to work his worst. My week’s respite in Florida has made this evident to me. Note my jersey – Cuomo Sucks,. That tells it all. Dozens of vacationers have shaken my hand in agreement. I just met a couple from Phoenix who said that Cuomo is an evil man who has wrecked New York. My time in Florida has drawn it all into sharp focus.