Fly the Not So Friendly Skies

Fly the Not So Friendly Skies. A New York Post expose reveals that Andrew Cuomo has been shuttled around the state in aircraft whose operation cost taxpayers over 650,000. In the past 5 years he has logged 400 hours of travel time. The outrageous bill is yet another instance of his abuse of office. He could have been driven by state police escort for a fraction of the expense. This is further evidence of the Imperial Governorship. The wrongdoing must end and end now. He travels like a mogul on New Yorkers dime. The litany of wrongdoing expands by the day. The Legislature must finally put an end to this and impeach him. There has never been a Governor who took such liberties. Flying the Not So Friendly Skies is the last straw.

5 thoughts on “Fly the Not So Friendly Skies

  1. Robert koban

    all the taxpayer money Cuomo has spent and has gotten illegally through tax dollars or corrupted dealings needs to be seized and returned to the taxpayer

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