Fracking Ban Devastated Southern Tier

The Fracking Ban has devastated the Southern Tier. Yet Cuomo is spending 40 Million on tourism campaign for Upstate New York. He pushed a permanent ban through the Legislature. Fracking is the process by which natural gas is extracted from dense rock. It uses hydraulic drilling techniques. The Governor claims this would add to air and water pollution. That is bunk. The Southern Tier economy has languished for years. The impoverished region has few industries to support working men and women. The decline has compounded over the past decade. Cuomo caved into environmentalists and do gooders. He essentially told the area to take a hike. It is part of his larger strategy of nurturing development in regions that vote for him. Upstate New York generally votes against him. The Fracking Ban has DEVASTATED the Southern Tier economy. So he throws a bone to promote tourism. Do the right thing and support energy development. Give New Yorkers a chance to earn a living wage !!!!