Frayed Relationship

Governor Cuomo reportedly has a Frayed Relationship with his archrival Senator Charles Schumer. They are the 2 most powerful Democratic politicians in the State. The New York Post reports theirs is a chilly working relationship. They clash over tax issues. Cuomo has turned up the heat on his adversary concerning federal aid and limitations on State and Local Tax (SALT) deductibility. The Governor has gone so far as to threaten to sue over a budget bailout. This is the clash of an aggressive, highly ambitious State executive and his more academic Senate rival. Cuomo is a street bully while Schumer is an astute career politician. For once King Andrew can not steamroll and impose his will. That is frustrating to the Governor who is used to getting his own way. The rift highlights the importance of balance of power government. The system does not allow tyrants to prevail.

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