Freedom Day Is Here

Freedom Day Is Here. Today is the day that vaccinated New Yorkers can go Maskless both indoors and outdoors. It is long overdue. Andrew Cuomo initially balked at the federal CDC guidance. He finally relented amid crushing backlash across the State. The concern is for how long we can go Maskless. We fear that the move is temporary. We are skeptical of the timing. King Andrew’s daughter Madeleine is being married next month in Albany. The Proud Father clearly wants his little girl’s special day to be unmarred by Masks. Indeed, he has invited 300 guests to the reception, twice the number allowed by his own mandate for weddings. We suspect that after the nuptials he will revert to requiring Masks here in the Empire State. His track record suggests that he rewrites the rules to benefit his family and those close to him. Freedom Day Is Here. Enjoy it while you can. It is a respite from Tyranny.