Get A Life

Get A Life. That is our advice to Kathy Hochul. After one year in office she has managed to alienate Millions of Republicans and Conservatives. Her untoward command for them to leave New York for Florida was the epitome of IGNORANCE. She affronted them by saying they are not real New Yorkers. Who is she to cast aspersions ? She has proven to be as corrupt a machine politician as Cuomo. Who can forget she was his Lieutenant Governor for 8 years. She was his deputy throughout the mishandling of covid. The prim Upstater has pressured donors in pay for play schemes. Crime is rampant and taxes and spending are out of control. She cares nothing about whom she tramples in her relentless bid for re-election. Get A Life. Take a look at yourself in the mirror, Governor, and behold the monster you have become !!