Great White Way

The Great White Way is roaring back to life. The Cuomo administration has announced that Broadway theatres can reopen at full capacity on September 14th. Unfortunately it is too little too late. The Governor unceremoniously shut down Broadway productions a year ago in March. Theatres have been shuttered ever since. It was part of his authoritarian shutdown of the New York. The economic impact, running into billions of dollars, has been devastating. Thousands of Broadway workers suffered needlessly. All because one man was on a power trip. The losses can never be recovered. The timing of the reopening is suspect. We fear it is part of King Andrew’s effort to curry favor and deflect the myriad scandals engulfing him. He is such a megalomaniac that he refuses to exit. He remains defiant to the end, spurning calls to resign. Impeachment is the only answer to end the abuse. We seek justice from the Legislature. Initiate proceedings now. Only then can the Great White Way shine again.