Harkening To A Coup

Harkening To A Coup. Cuomo retweeted an op-ed by longtime family ally David Pikus who characterized the resignation as a coup d’etat. He said it trampled on the rights of the electorate and basic due process. He blamed it on politics. The ex Governor chimed in, saying “This was politics. Every step of the way.” Cuomo remains defiant and belligerent. He is on the offensive as he plots a comeback. Discharged by the allegations of 11 women he harassed, he just won’t quit. This is in addition to potentially criminal charges of the book deal and underreporting of nursing home deaths. He is attempting to spin the events, portraying himself as wronged by politically ambitious rivals such as Letitia James. Harkening To A Coup. The Cuomo camp just won’t give up !!