Has He No Shame?

Has He No Shame? Unfortunately not. He has shown himself to be totally lacking in conscience. Andrew Cuomo will do anything to hold on to power. He shows no remorse for his actions. He is a disgrace to his traditional upbringing. His late father, Governor Mario Cuomo, was the epitome of standup values. He stressed family, home, and service. His son is the total opposite. He cares nothing for those he abuses and injuries in getting his own way. He bullies, intimidates, and lies. Far from his dad, who was a gentleman, he is a street thug who is interested in no one but himself. He SHAMES his FAMILY and those who elected him. It is unusual for a son to FALL SO FAR FROM THE TREE. Has He No Shame? Clearly not. He tarnishes his parents legacy with each affront.