He Can’t Pull The Wool Over The Feds

He Can’t Pull the Wool Over the Feds. Cuomo is in deep hot water. The FBI and US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York have launched investigations into his wrongdoing. His time honored tactics will not work. He can not intimidate or stonewall. He and this political cronies will not be able to block the inquiry. There is potential criminal liability for his misdeeds. Multiple investigations are underway. A thinking person would attempt to cooperate. The case might be closed if he does the right thing and RESIGN. We all know that is unlikely to happen. He will fight on against all odds. Fortunately the Feds will bring him to justice. Impeachment by the Legislature awaits. This time there is NO WIGGLE ROOM. He Can’t Pull the Wool Over the Feds. It is just a MATTER OF TIME.