Hell No I Won’t Go

Hell No I Won’t Go. That is the message Andrew Cuomo had for the press. He flat out refused to resign over the scandals engulfing his administration. He lamely explained that he was unaware he was “making anyone feel uncomfortable.” Such an incredible dismissal of the charges being levied against him. In recent days 4 women have come forward alleging sexual improprieties. The Governor instead asked for forbearance from New Yorkers. We are expected to wait patiently until the independent investigator’s report is released, probably in months. The outrage of it all! King Andrew is once again seeking to thwart the wheels of justice. He is totally discredited. Politicians on both sides of the aisle are calling for his resignation or removal from office. He has violated the public trust of the voters. He has compromised the workplace environment and dignity and human rights of his accusers. No, he will not be able to bully and intimidate his way out of this one. New Yorkers are united in calling for his ouster. BE GONE once and for all.

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