HERO Act Spells Trouble

The HERO Act spells trouble. The new legislation was championed and signed into law by Andrew Cuomo. It provides for workplace safety protocols, Violators are potentially subject to litigation. IT IS MORE OF THE SAME. New York businesses have been crippled by the Governor’s excessive and authoritarian demands. Thousands of companies have closed for good. Many more and hanging on by a proverbial thumbnail. To add insult to injury, the surviving enterprises now face recrimination through lawsuits. It is as though King Cuomo is deliberately driving companies out of the State. When will he ever learn? It is part of his pandering to the Legislature which will sit in judgment on his IMPEACHMENT. His political weakness also resulted in the enactment of confiscatory taxes on corporations and the successful. I see first hand the mass exodus to Florida during my time down here. The HERO Act not only Spells Trouble. It is decidedly UNHEROIC.